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LUMA Resources: Solar-powered Shingled Roof Systems


A Michigan based company, LUMA Resources, is producing and installing solar shingle roofing systems. Launched in 2008 with a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, LUMA is a spin-off of a family owned roofing business.

Installation of a LUMA Resources solar-powered shingle system on a Santa Cruz, CA home.

The solar system received Underwriter’s Laboratory certification as a roofing product first, before the solar-electric functions were certified. The patented solar roof kit system is the brainchild of Gary Allen. With his years of experience, Gary was able to see the perfect way to marry a solar system compatible with any residential roofing shingle. “It fits with any cement or clay tile, asphalt shingle, cedar shakes and shingles, slate – anything,” says Gary Allen.

The company pitches its product as being cheaper and less susceptible to leaks than roof retrofits done to prepare for traditional solar panels.

  1. Kevin Shaner says:

    I just saw your CEO on television. WOW……..what a great idea and long over due. It’s great to see a small company on the verge of becoming a large company.

    It’s companies like yours that drive innovation with the right product at the right time. Developing solar solutions like yours will satisfy the needs of our society and economy. We must reduce our dependancy on oil, natural gas, and coal. LUNA has the technology and the spirit to satisfy the needs of consumers and companies. I wish you success in your new venture.
    Henry Ford was an innovator and you are too.

    Kevin J. Shaner

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